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June 11, 2022
Jewelry items photography

Sell more Jewelry with a Sparkling Photography Portfolio

If you want to sell more jewelry, you need to have an amazing photography portfolio to show your customers. By displaying high-quality, sparkling images of your […]
May 8, 2022
Woman online shopping for shoes trusting the e-commerce photos are accurate

5 Tips to Build Trust with Customers Online with your E-Commerce Photography

When shopping online, how do you know that you can trust the product when all you have are images? Many e-commerce businesses struggle with this question, […]
December 27, 2021
How to start your first online e-commerce store

How to Start an eCommerce Business on a Shoestring Budget

If you’re thinking of starting your own eCommerce store business, you might be worried about the cost. After all, setting up and running an online store […]
December 9, 2021
what is flat lay photography

An Overview of Flat Lay Photography

A quick Google search of the word “photography” will reveal many different types of styles. Some are more popular than others, but what they all have […]
February 16, 2021
how to find a fashion photographer

How to Find a Fashion Photographer for your Clothing Brand’s Products and Garments

A significant part of any fashion business is to have beautiful and stunning photography that speaks to their brand. Bad photography doesn’t just look bad; it […]
January 21, 2021

What Is Ghost Mannequin/Invisible Photography?

Ghost mannequin photography, also known as “invisible” photography, creates the illusion of a “hollow man” effect. It is a prevalent photography style for the fashion industry […]
December 14, 2020
how to find a product photographer

How to Find a Product Photographer With the Right Skills

If you’re an e-commerce retailer, you already know the importance of having good images that showcase your products. You may be tempted to do the photos […]
November 20, 2020

Why Professional Product Photography is Vital for your ECommerce Website

Online shopping is convenient and has gained much popularity over time, making it likely that most of us will eventually be doing all of our shopping […]