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Jewelry photography is an essential part of marketing your jewelry to potential customers. Having high-quality images can help you sell more products and generate higher revenue for your business. At Clothing and Product Photography Studio, we offer professional jewelry photography at reasonable prices that are sure to accommodate any budget. We have packages perfect for large, medium, and small businesses or hobbyists who just want to get some professional quality shots of their work without breaking the bank!

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Quality Jewelry Photos for your  Business is a Must!


Your pieces of jewelry may look stunning in person, but do they look the same in photographs? We know that to sell your product, you need high-quality images with stunning detail and rich color tones for prospective customers to see what they are buying. Without the right photos, you may lose out on sales and customer interest. You've invested time and money into your business. Make sure to do the same for your jewelry product images.

Why Hire a Professional Los Angeles Jewelry Photographer?

Clothing and Product Photography Studio provides professional jewelry photography for Los Angeles area businesses and nationwide. Our photographers are highly experienced and have a keen eye for detail to capture quality images of your jewelry to showcase them in their best light.

When you work with professional jewelry photographers, you work with someone who understands exactly how to capture the details and most minor intricacies that make your jewelry designs unique. This goes for everything from prepping your items before they go in front of the camera to using the appropriate camera lens and applying the suitable natural lighting sources to get everything, just perfect! 

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The Benefits of our Service to your Business


You don't have to worry about picking up a camera yourself, trying to figure it out, or waiting weeks to receive your final images. With our quick turnaround times, you don't have to worry about missing out on potential sales or customers who want to see your products. This is especially beneficial for any jewelry retailer looking to expand their market reach without traveling across the country! Let us handle your product images while you focus on selling more!

Affordable Pricing

Other photographers charge thousands of dollars per session with expensive packages that only include a few images that may not be up-to-par quality-wise. However, at Clothing and Product Photography Studio, we offer affordable prices perfect for any budget while still providing high-quality service. You can even customize your package based on how many photos you need.

Unmatched Professionalism

We have a highly experienced team of talented photographers who know how to shoot jewelry. Your jewelry products deserve nothing but the best, and our specialists will ensure that it gets the treatment it needs to be presented at its absolute finest.

Friendly Service

Working with our company is a breath of fresh air! We are dedicated to making your experience as easy and enjoyable as possible. There will be no pressure, just an honest conversation about what you need and how we can provide it for you in the most efficient way.

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How Our Product Photography Services Work

It's as easy as one, two, and three! We offer in-studio services as well as remote services for your convenience. Learn more about our process

We understand that your jewelry products are high-ticket items worth a lot of money. For your convenience, you may do in-person drop-offs in our studio located in San Gabriel, CA, just a short distance away from Downtown Los Angeles. If you are far away from our physical location, you may also ship your products to us. 

Sleep Soundly At Night Knowing your Jewelry is Safe in our Studio

Don’t lose out on zzzzz worrying about the well-being of your jewelry items. Our team has handles projects for businesses in other parts of the country that sell very expensive items. They not only count on us for their images, but they also trust us to handle their items with the best care possible. 

You can feel confident that your jewelry items are well-taken care of with us, and you will receive them back in the exact same quality as you sent them. If you have any questions about shipping, please don't hesitate to send us a message or give us a call.

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